On being Enough

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Before school Ty suddenly collapsed with sobs. Headfirst in my lap. People. This huge-hearted boy’s tension is always surrounding people. This time? School recess. As if the playground opens an overwhelming abyss of, how do I love and play with every person at once? He shared about the day before. His buddy played with another friend. Two buddies joined up with …

How to Experience Hope in Hopelessness

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I didn’t get out of bed until 11am. Yesterday I took a mid-day nap and fell asleep reading shoulder to shoulder with our oldest at 8pm. Motivation has withered. Purpose is foggy. I applied at the library- the library, friends. The very one which holds my book on its shelf, and I couldn’t even get an interview. Bryan has applied …

Reminders in the Sky

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To date there is no other place I experience God so right-here-present-and-close-I-could-taste-Him near as when I sit among the expanse of green meadow behind David Arm’s Gallery in historic Leiper’s Fork. The ways the trees sway, conducting classical music coming from inside. The adirondack chairs, the open fields, the yellow leaf bursts against a sapphire sky. Up, up, up a …

Releasing Panic and Claiming Peace

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There are three significant life moments when I declared, I’m releasing this. I’m gonna go mad trying to control every piece and that’s no way to live. Instead I’m going to hold it open and trust Your way is better than my pithy plans. Even though my plans seem like a really great idea right now. The first time I recognized my body …

Dear Lonely One

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Dear Lonely One, I can’t stop thinking about you. When you shared – your big eyes brimming so brave, about how lonely you feel, about how you wish you actually had invitations to say yes or no to, about wondering where your friends are, about the confusion at why you don’t have a packed calendar- it broke my heart. And my first instinct …

Trusting the Process

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Trust the Process. It’s my new motto. Trusting the process means giving space for faith to root. To allow God to show up. To anticipate the next step however or whenever it appears. To live with curiosity. To embrace the unexpected. To be okay being uncomfortable. To welcome change. To grow when interrupted. To laugh, even through tears. But the thing is, I fight …


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Working out / getting toned didn’t even make it on my 2016 New Year’s Dreams. So.over.it. Before 2015 becomes a distant memory I want to remember. I want to sit in God’s goodness, to look back and say, Yes, I see it now, even if I didn’t see it then. You are good. Your plans are better than mine. They …

A Fresh Perspective on Giving Thanks

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If I were to join your Thanksgiving celebration, come meal time I’d settle in a chair next to you.

Over turkey, mashed potatoes laden with gravy, bowls of creamed corn, and please tell me there will be heaps of pretzel jello salad, I’ll gather with your family- large or small- and the question of What are we thankful for? will surface followed by a merry-go-round of heartfelt responses.

I’m thankful for…


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Dry cotton mouth.

Racing heart… thump, thump, THUMP, THUUUUUMMMMPPPP!!!

Itchy armpits.


We all know this sensation- the where in the world did this come from? feeling.

Whatever title we attach it to- scared, fear, anxiety… it’s all the same. It’s that notion that we are not in control and our body is reacting.