5 Reasons You’ll Want to Make Forest Home ‘Summer Family Retreat’ Your New Tradition

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CCA’s (Child Care Assistant), also known as built-in babysitting. I mean I know Hawaii sounds tempting, but do they provide childcare to put your kiddos down every.single.night? I think not. 2. Forest Home Summer Family Retreat has something for EVERYONE. Amazing care and daycamps for babies to high schooler’s, rockstar speakers and worship leaders for the parents, bomb meals, a resort-like …

A Boy and His Tooth Fairy

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Can we talk about teeth and how weird it is that they fall out? How much weirder it is that a tiny fairy flies into our kids’ room at night, gets as close to their sleeping faces as a pillow permits to intentionally steal their tooth, leaving behind quarters- dollars if lucky? Does it bother anyone else that we tell our kids to …

Well hello 2015

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September seems like yesterday. Fall has that way about her; she begins the first stitch in the frantic season and they follow, one right after another, holidays melting together like a knit ombre sweater. From burnt orange Halloween into golden baked Thanksgiving, silver merges into Wintry Christmas and before we know it, hello 2015. Feels like an hour ago we were unwrapping Christmas presents in our …

How We Go About Gift-Giving

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It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the experiences. I can recall one toy I received at Christmas. It was a My Child doll and I remember it for the very reason that my mom sat on the floor close, our faces lit by the cozy fire in the fireplace, and I watched breathless, as she sketched the face of my …

Deep Dish Apple Pie

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It was one of those days I needed to bake, to dedicate hours in the kitchen, crank music, throw flour around, and get hands doughy, messy, that kinda bake.

Do you ever have those days?

When the world’s noise gets so loud {even if it’s your own kids voices} that something as simple as baking a pie feels calming and cathartic. The minutes spilling into hours calm the to-do list and stress of the day as apples are peeled and dough is rolled.


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A big Thank You for all of you who shared your favorite traditions… I love hearing about how your family celebrates. The Hair Tie Giveaway winner is: Julianna Williams who wrote, “My favorite family tradition comes from my husband’s family. We love to celebrate birthdays (never on time, but always with love!). Each time we gather for a family member’s …

Thankful Monday

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The funk. That’s what I woke up in. Funny thing about funks is they have a selfish way of wrapping us inside, then tying the black cloud knot, suffocating and disorienting. Which is why I’m incredibly grateful for Thankful Monday, a freshly inspired family tradition, that ironically debuted this morning, magically illuminating Mondays on our calendar, 3 more starred in …