Tension & a focused Arrow

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A friend of mine recently got beautiful arrow tattoos on her wrist representative of her family and her walk with God at the center. She shared that “the purpose of an arrow is to be propelled forward, however in order to do that effectively, there has to be tension. Backwards is ultimately what moves the arrow forward.” She said when she feels …

My Shame Resilience Story

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I tapped the red circle to end the call, slid the back door open, doubled over and bawled. Because after hard phone calls it makes sense to ugly cry into the grass. Chalk it up to a therapeutic watering I offered our droughty, California yard. My heart was racing from stingy words. I gave myself permission to cry and then asked myself, Where …

Relationships, Forgiveness & Finding Peace

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Relationships. They aren’t always easy. At some point, specifically with deep, important ones, conflict will occur. And when it does, we have a choice to “peace out” or “push through.” When my dad died, a lot of ugly bubbled to the surface. Anger. Frustration. Resentment. Loneliness. I was confused at why certain people were not showing up in ways I …

GRIEF Journey: What do I say?

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Let’s just say it like it is, talking about death is awkward.

Like super uncomfortable, weird, awkward.

What should I say? Do they want to talk about it? Do they not want to talk about it? Ahhh.

We long to validate one’s loss and ask how they are, while simultaneously trying to avoid making the elephant in the room the only topic. It’s a debacle; one that’s hard to navigate. There are no perfect words, only pure intentions. So, to save yourself from making a bigger deal out of an already big deal, for the love, here are phrases and actions that help soothe a very raw wound, as well as cliche’s to ahem, avoid.