A Summer Salad Fave!!

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Ever since Kim introduced me to this salad, we’ve been inseparable {the salad and I that is}… and I’m sure if we lived in the same town, she and I would be too!

Our poor friends ~ it seems any time we have company, I make this salad. My children are starting to turn a kale green color and I have lemons stashed all over the kitchen. Which is fine by me. It is summer, so we embrace all things salad, healthy, and freshly made!

Having company? You can’t go wrong with this delicousness! My favorite thing about it {beside the taste} is that it’s made right before serving so you can ask your guests to help you chop as you sip lemondrop martinis and wait for the steaks to grill. My mom-in-law taught me one of the key ingredients to Hospitality 101: always let the guest/friends help. No one wants to stand in your kitchen while you prep and chop. Let them come alongside and join the fun.

Grilled Peaches and Cream

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Summer means all things bar-b-que … tri-tip, veggies, grilled peaches. Yep, peaches!

Nothing like a sweet, tangy peach, the juice dripping down your chin, wiping it with the back of your hand before dunking in the pool for a dusk swim.

Our family’ is currently obsessed with grilling peaches, especially if there is cream involved. And a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream snuggled next to it.