S’mores Sticks

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Showering has been a frequent celebration these last weeks. Baby Showering, that is. Real showers? Forget it. It was single-momming¬†it while my youth pastor hubby rocked it with 70+ middle school students at camp. It was touch and go, my friends.¬†Showers were a vacation- the laughable goal was to entertain two squirrelly boys, eat semi-healthy, and stay sane. Priorities. And …

While You’ve Been Gone

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This Sunday is Father’s Day and how I wish I could hug you and hear your voice and watch you tackle the boys and enjoy an outdoor bar-b-que celebrating you. We’ll still do all those things but the tangible hole will be your missing presence.

It’s been 2 1/2 months since you passed away- those days feel like a lifetime and yet, if you walked in the door tomorrow, it would take me a moment to question it abnormal. You are missed every second of every day. I’m confident time will dull the ache but you will always be missed.

While you’ve been gone…