Rincon Moments

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Driving North on the 101, there’s an imaginary line, where, once crossed, life becomes effortless. It’s where the road narrows, and to the left is ocean forever, and on the the right, mountains climb, and without even thinking, I grab the wheel, so Bryan can get lost in the waves. Up ahead, the Ventura bridge hovers in teal air, and down below, rocks jut at the perimeter …

We be Trippin’: Stories of a Coastal Road Trip

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At the start of summer, Bryan and I began talking about our end-of-summer vacation. Working in youth ministry, summer = go time! and come mid-August, we are ready for some rest and relaxation while the rest of the world gears up for school.

The conversation circled around where we would go. Please keep in mind our discussion included a destination with kiddos…

Puerta Vallarta? We can totally survive on chips and guac for a week! And they have quesadillas for the lil’ munchers, right?

Hawaii? Out of our budget!

Palm Springs? Too hot!

Spain and Portugal? Yes please SANS kids!