Learning how to communicate Vulnerability

bekah General 4 Comments

Everything I’m reading and watching and coming to understand about vulnerability points back to the beautiful truth that until I’m honest about my feelings and fears for the sake of deeper¬†relationships, only then will abundant living be an option.¬†Wholehearted living, as Brene Brown says. Vulnerability requires putting myself out there, sharing my needs, risking the fact that I have no …

Real life, social media, and why I’m embracing #realisthenewperfect

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More than ever, I embrace #realisthenewperfect because what we see online, in print, or on a blog is often not the “perfect” picture we assume it is. Perfection. We strive for it even though we’ll never come close. Let us not mistake beautiful photos, inspiring words, and innovative projects for perfection- they are created by people, and you and I both know us peeps ain’t perfect. There are authors, designers, and faithful speakers I’m drawn to because they offer another facet of God’s personality. It’s my darn assumptions that distorts their outcome. Tension pulls when my marriage, my kids, and my home doesn’t feel Pinterest-worthy or up-to-par. Herein lies the social media balance; offering “real” without airing dirty laundry, capturing beauty in the cracks and corners of hard days, while celebrating light shed on giftings and passions played out.