When God Answers Prayers; Spanish Style

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** This post is dedicated to Valentinne Rudolphy (Val) **   You know what I’d really love? I’d love to offer this in Spanish too. I can get by but my bilingual days are a bit rusty and I don’t trust myself to translate this correctly. I typed these words to my publisher last fall after listening to their encouragement to …

As you sleep

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Hours after brother chatter fades and dreams come, I turn on the hall light and tip-toe to the bottom bunk where you sleep.

A dim glow falls across your face and I bend knees to peer close.

Instantly, heart-a-swell, I’m overwhelmed. By you. Our son. Our Ty.

Resolutions are “SO Last Year!”

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With New Year’s Day on the horizon, conversations surrounding resolutions and goals hang in the air.

I’m all for setting plans and putting them into action, but something about those words carry an obligatory weight, the thought tiring before I even attempt.

2014, the blessed turn from old to new page- heck, more like opening a new book – promises clean lines and open space to