Go With what Excites You

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It gets me excited, this idea, I smiled into the phone. Pay attention to that, she said. Always pay attention to what excites you. It’s funny, but sometimes the simplest of words can capture a thought and then slowly release it as the day stretches on. Pay attention to what excites you. I love that. Instead of tweaking and hurrying what’s not coming …

A Brave Letter

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Certain topics get me passionate. Like sitting on the edge-of-the-chair passionate. Homelessness is one of those topics. I’m realizing this more in the last year than ever before. It’s all around. In my face at every turn.

As I write, my bum is half-way off the couch and I’m waving my hands. My husband is rolling his eyes and I’m sure thinking, there she goes, getting all passionate again.

Nose wrinkle smile. It’s true.

My friend Jaime asked me to edit a letter she wrote to her City Council on behalf of the Housing Project for homeless. I couldn’t finish it without crying. Her heart moved me; the way she loves her city, the people, and the potential of what hope can look like if we see homeless people instead of fearing them.


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Great job! You are the best! Awesome! Fabulous! Seriously… you are amazing!


We all want them ~ approval, praise, acknowledgement.

But do we need them? Do we depend on them for our well-being, for our identity? As in, if we don’t get them, our day is suddenly dim? Or, if we hear nothing, or receive little feedback, or get few “likes” we believe we’re less than?

The topic of accolades has surfaced ’round these parts much in the past weeks.