A “Wisdom Bouquet” for Future Moms

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Dear Future Moms, I’ve gathered a “wisdom bouquet” from moms of all ages, walks of life, and in various parenting journeys (which appropriately resembles a beautifully imperfect bunch of wildflowers). What’s one “wisdom stem” you want to share with future moms? I asked. As moms, grandmas, creative souls, and down-to-earth women, their advice is real, grace-filled, and, ironically has nothing to do with sleep schedules. From …

Why Turning into Mom is Okay, and 3 Ways I Want to Be Just.Like.Her

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Anything we did similarly- mannerisms, phrases, interests- there was Dad’s voice, You’re turning into your mother.

Ugh. Dad. I’m ME! My own unique person {can you detect the need for independence?} I’m NOT turning into mom.

We are so very different; ‘Lil Mom and I, yet, so very similar. And more than ever, I hope to emulate who she not only is, but who she is continually becoming.

Aside from the fact that I hug strangers and speak in occasional sing-song like her, we are night-and-day. Okay, we talk with our hands, love designing, speaking in front of people, planning parties. Gift-giving, encouraging, and positivity come second nature and celebrating- is there a party? Good! Someone must be celebrated. Never mind our impulsive, impatient sides. Aside from made-up words and connecting at the heart, we really are incredibly different. {Sarcasm now in full force} I never pick roses for friends, write notes in our sons books, or send cards in the mail just.like.her. Oh gosh! It’s true! Who am I kidding? My dad was right. I’m becoming my mother!

Mother’s Day: That time we lost our son at the beach!

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It was a classic miscommunication of “he said” “she said.” Tanner had run out the door to join Bryan and my brother on a quick errand before Mother’s Day festivities commenced.
Ten minutes later Bryan walks in the door alone.
Where’s Tanner? he asks.
He’s with you, I say..
His eyes speak otherwise. I thought you had him!
The next 15 minutes are ones I hear about on the news, and see in movies. They are slow-motion and fast-forward all in the same sprint. Out of body.

My Mother’s Day Dream

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To all you moms out there,   Happy almost Mother’s Day! Being a mom, means pouring yourself out day after day Wiping noses, breathing in giggles, sacrificing your time for their time. Cutting endless halves of pb&j, modeling forgiveness, and throwing in one more load of laundry. Being a mom means forfeiting temporary sleep for Candy land dreams. And, being …