“I’m a $@#%ing Freak!”

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From the back of the trail I see her swaying back and forth on a bench by the playground.

I push forward anyway.

I don’t want my boys to be afraid or uncomfortable around homeless people. I don’t want them to hide behind my legs or pretend they aren’t within earshot of a stranger as they run up stairs and whoosh down slides. I want them to look the man or woman that happens to be homeless in the eye, smile, say hello, and choose to overlook their unconventional appearance or unpleasant odor.


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It started early and ended late. In between…

Tears from a 2 1/2 year old boy who fears every time daddy walks out the door he might not come back- just like his Papa.

Toasted sourdough with nutty, natural peanut butter, honey drizzled in squiggle shapes, creamy coffee washing it down.

Reckless love

bekah Faith, Loss 1 Comment

It’s been said- to love with reckless abandon- and never have those words carried such meaning ’til now. Because doesn’t reckless abandon signify throwing caution to the wind and hold nothing back! To empty oneself, and give with every fiber of one’s being, at the risk of appearing silly or “too much” or overly passionate? To love fully and well… it’s my renewed prayer.