Dear Lonely One

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Dear Lonely One, I can’t stop thinking about you. When you shared – your big eyes brimming so brave, about how lonely you feel, about how you wish you actually had invitations to say yes or no to, about wondering where your friends are, about the confusion at why you don’t have a packed calendar- it broke my heart. And my first instinct …

What I’m Learning: Solitude

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Bry and I have sold our souls to Scandal, as in, some nights we watch episode after episode into the wee hours of the morning, because, Olivia Pope, people. Enough said. There was a recent episode where she was kidnapped and thrown in a dingy cell for days. Alone. And then she perished. Kidding. If you’re not watching, start like yesterday. Anyway, it …

Holiday Panes

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One of the reasons I’m drawn to windows is that no two are alike. Each has a story- where it came from, glass clarity, layers upon layers of paint, chipped wood, unique hardware- they are a hidden secret, these windows. From one side the glass appears unscratched, the wood clean and solid, but turn it around to see the bottom left pane loose, paint worn, wood shabbied, a chunk missing from the side.

The same window, but different in appearance depending on what side you view it from.

I’m finding the holidays to be like windowpanes.


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Loneliness. It plagues all of us, yet it’s an epidemic not commonly discussed in everyday circles. I mean, who has time to be lonely? We are keeping ourselves quite busy, thank you very much! And that, wherein, lies the problem. Busyness. It blinds root issues and numbs heartbeats. There are two distinct seasons I’ve experienced deep oceans of loneliness~ my …