Peanut Butter & Chocolate

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It’s been said before, and I won’t shy aware from the truth…

Every morning I wake thinking about dessert.

As in, hmmm… what treats are destined for today? Throughout the entire day.

You do realize dessert was not intended only to follow dinner? No -a morsel of chocolate after cereal, a bite of brownie following a caprese panini lunch, why, it really is the right thing to do! After dinner of bbq chicken salad, the chopped peppers and jicama shavings colorful and crunchy- by all means, bring on the peanut butter and chocolate! Don’t matter if it’s on a sundae, the main ingredients in truffles, or tucked inside the other for a bite-size nugget of love, peanut butter and chocolate is my weakness!

A New Medium ~ Canvas!

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I’m not surprised by much these days, including timing and lulls and windows of opportunity.

I’m not surprised that business took an appropriate pause and has organically picked back up. And I’m so grateful, because I greet Inspired Window, a once humble thought, and embrace every idea that comes its way.

Like when Debbi found my website and wanted to have a custom window made for her daughter-in-law’s nursery but realized hanging it above the crib wasn’t the best idea… could I make it on canvas instead?

What’s Your Story? Wednesday: Kathy Kolbeck

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Last week’s ‘What’s Your Story?’ featured Sharon, and I love introducing you to her sister, Kathy, today. Creating family windows for these two ladies was a great experience, but mostly, I was amazed {and a little envious that I don’t have a sister} at seeing firsthand how much fun they have together and the palpable sister-friend bond they share. Married …

What’s Your Story? Wednesday: Sharon Lazar

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Today’s ‘What’s Your Story?’ features adorable Sharon Lazar, a mom to four firefighter sons! Yes, four! I had the privilege of making her a custom family window, but what was even more fun was making a family window for her sister, Kathy, at the same time! There could not be two closer sisters. As best friends they share a huge love for their families which is evidenced in their stories.

What’s Your Story? Wednesday: Chris Blue

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When I began featuring people on What’s Your Story? Wednesday, Chris Blue was the first person that came to mind. Only having known her a short while, she has a warm way of inviting you into her world with grace and a candid honesty that is both refreshing and brave. Written as an overflow of her heart, I’m blessed and …

What’s Your Story? Wednesday: Jules Sherreitt

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I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved making this window, but more so, who I made it for: the one and only Jules! It was last summer I met this deep, witty, Jesus-loving gal. She was wrapping up her work responsibilities at ROCKHARBOR in preparation to welcome their second, a little girl, to their family. She is one of those people that sticks with you. In a really, really good way!