Please Hold and Hug

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Attitudes over here at the Pogue Cottage have been at an all-time high. Our boys too. (W;ink) It seems everything we ask is too¬†demanding or said in a different tongue because we are met with a wall of non-responsive, heavy-sighing, blank staring, eye-rolling children. “I don’t want to.” “No.” “But… ” eyes look around to blame the nearest item for …

Humble Pie, Sleeping Bears, and Dad Hugs

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I’m scooping up humble pie and shoveling it in by the spoonfuls. Pride has gotten the best of me, weighting each bite.

Yesterday the thought fluttered by: I’m glad this GRIEF thing is over. It’s nice to have that behind me. I’d doing fabul—.

Bam- I wake from a morning dream, grasping at the scene playing behind sleeping eyelids.