Shhhhh! Shame

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There’s a smallness. Well, that’s because you’re 5’1″ Bek. True. Fair. I digress. A smallness not only in stature but in temptation to attach feeling small to worthiness small. There’s a difference. Like wow I feel humbled down to my core small or I am small and therefore, worthless. When people ask how we’re doing, our response remains: We’re still looking. Bry …

Confessions of a Cleanse

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Bry got the brilliant idea to do a 3 day cleanse and I agreed to join him, so together, we could jumpstart our squeaky metabolism. Around the grocery store, I pushed a cart, empowerment piling high as spinach, pears, and fresh ginger made a small mountain. Apples, almond butter, cucumbers, protein (I don’t even want to type the name- it’s …

Taking Care of Us Mamas!

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For all you mamas out there ~

I see you being the best mama you can be, I see you taking the most amazing care of your kids…

spreading the blanket on the park grass for a picnic lunch

feeding them healthy foods and putting thought into what goes into their body

teaching them to “kick, kick, kick” those legs as they prepare for many a swim days this summer