Telling the Truth

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** endorsed by my hubby, Bryan ** “Tell the truth” is my favorite line at the end of the compelling based on-a-book movie, The Help. Something about Kathryn Stockett’s words, tell the truth, root themselves deep and inspire me to live in my truth, stand in my space, walk on my path forward into wholeness, healing and living alive. Living alive …

Shhhhh! Shame

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There’s a smallness. Well, that’s because you’re 5’1″ Bek. True. Fair. I digress. A smallness not only in stature but in temptation to attach feeling small to worthiness small. There’s a difference. Like wow I feel humbled down to my core small or I am small and therefore, worthless. When people ask how we’re doing, our response remains: We’re still looking. Bry …

Confessions of a Cleanse

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Bry got the brilliant idea to do a 3 day cleanse and I agreed to join him, so together, we could jumpstart our squeaky metabolism. Around the grocery store, I pushed a cart, empowerment piling high as spinach, pears, and fresh ginger made a small mountain. Apples, almond butter, cucumbers, protein (I don’t even want to type the name- it’s …

Taking Care of Us Mamas!

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For all you mamas out there ~

I see you being the best mama you can be, I see you taking the most amazing care of your kids…

spreading the blanket on the park grass for a picnic lunch

feeding them healthy foods and putting thought into what goes into their body

teaching them to “kick, kick, kick” those legs as they prepare for many a swim days this summer