Stupid Lice

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Bry was on a 3 day-work retreat last Spring when I decided to give the boys haircuts. Tanner, took his normal spot on the back patio bench, holding the squirt bottle while I evened out the front. Then on to the ears when- what’s that? I dart closer. No. NO! My fingers frantically pull near his temple as I discover (and oh how …

Repost: Thanksgiving in May

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Two years ago I was struck by how quickly my grateful heart wore off as November’s Thanksgiving came and went. Set on recapturing thankfulness and celebrating how God works in the peaks and pit, I was compelled to write this post: Thanksgiving in May.

Fast-forward to May, 2014, and Thanksgiving in May is at the forefront of my thoughts. Care to join? Would you like to soak up the last week of May, the half-way marker until we gather around the table to feast with family and friends, and utter gratitude for blessings abundant?

We be Trippin’: Stories of a Coastal Road Trip

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At the start of summer, Bryan and I began talking about our end-of-summer vacation. Working in youth ministry, summer = go time! and come mid-August, we are ready for some rest and relaxation while the rest of the world gears up for school.

The conversation circled around where we would go. Please keep in mind our discussion included a destination with kiddos…

Puerta Vallarta? We can totally survive on chips and guac for a week! And they have quesadillas for the lil’ munchers, right?

Hawaii? Out of our budget!

Palm Springs? Too hot!

Spain and Portugal? Yes please SANS kids!

A Summer Salad Fave!!

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Ever since Kim introduced me to this salad, we’ve been inseparable {the salad and I that is}… and I’m sure if we lived in the same town, she and I would be too!

Our poor friends ~ it seems any time we have company, I make this salad. My children are starting to turn a kale green color and I have lemons stashed all over the kitchen. Which is fine by me. It is summer, so we embrace all things salad, healthy, and freshly made!

Having company? You can’t go wrong with this delicousness! My favorite thing about it {beside the taste} is that it’s made right before serving so you can ask your guests to help you chop as you sip lemondrop martinis and wait for the steaks to grill. My mom-in-law taught me one of the key ingredients to Hospitality 101: always let the guest/friends help. No one wants to stand in your kitchen while you prep and chop. Let them come alongside and join the fun.

Friendships: Old and New!

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Karen, my soul friend, the one we lovingly referred to as ‘Phoebe’ all through college, left her much-loved East Coast and arrived in Huntington Beach two Tuesdays ago. For days she joined our unassuming family, winning the boys over with her contagious laugh and gift for questions. There’s something so pure about those first reunited hours with a soul friend, words heaped upon words, detailing important nuggets of what we haven’t covered in person, the true heart topics rising to the top, rich and honest and urgently calm.