The 502nd Seagull & Bare Booties!

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Last summer Tanner and I read through my childhood copy of Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach. The classic has become our family’s favorite, tasting it over grilled peaches and cream, watching the movie together, and last weekend, redeeming Tanner’s Christmas present- a date to see the play, at the South Coast Repertory. His favorite part? Watching the over-sized insects rope the “imaginary” seagulls to the peach stem, lifting the fruit away from the jaws of veracious sharks below. As the book describes, “And now came the big moment. Quickly, the five hundred and second seagull was caught and harnessed to the peach-stem… And then suddenly…But slowly…Majestically…Like some fabulous golden balloon… With all the seagulls straining at the strings above…The giant peach rose up dripping out of the water and began climbing toward the heavens.” {p.66, James and the Giant Peach}

How can the seagulls lift the peach? They are so small and their wings are so tiny?, Tanner asked. Hmmm. Point made.

What Dad Would Say

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Bekah Jane,

I’m sorry you’ve had a tough couple of days.

I know being a parent isn’t a piece of cake.

It’s actually the hardest thing you’ll ever do. The love and consistency and prayer and energy that go into teaching these little people about how to love Jesus, and to share, and listen, and not bite- the list goes on… I know. I’ve been there. I’m still there… you’re never done being a parent.