How to Quiet the Comparison Voice

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It’s been a stressful season. Bry and I are working our booties off in our marriage, not because things are bad, but because we want them to be great. Deep. On the same page. Confident. And that takes work. Not sure if it’s their ages, or school, or where they are developmentally, but our boys are requesting and requiring much …

Permission Granted

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“I’ve always wanted to ____________.” “I dream about becoming a __________.” “Do you think ____________ is a good idea?” More and more I’m talking with moms and college students, friends, and other parents about stirrings and ideas swimming around inside their heads, and I notice a common theme- the desire to be validated and cheered. But it’s more than that; some …

Why Pro Others Doesn’t Mean Anti You

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“Look, mommy and daddy!” Ty hovers his body between the couch and coffee table in a perfect plank. “Cool bud. You’r so strong!” From the kitchen, Tanner hollers, “I’m strong TOO!” “Yea, bud, you sure are.” “Mommy, daddy. Look!” Ty dives at the ground in a death-defying somersault he apparently learned at gymnastics. “Awesome bud. That was great.” “I can do that.” …

Does Size Matter?

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He’s three and not quite independent in the bathroom. He wants me far enough away to “give him space” but close enough to help should he desire my company.

Finishing, he looks down at his penis and back up at me. Tilting his head, his almond shaped eyes scrunch inward and the corners of his lips purse down. Tanner’s penis is bigger than mine. (Insert dramatic pause) I. so. sad.

I fall off the stool and simultaneously bite my lip to muffle explosive laughter.

Oh Ty.