What I Learned at Camp

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Since we married 9 ½ years ago, Bryan has always worked in ministry as a youth pastor. We started with rambunctious middle school students, tried high school ministry for a stint, and returned to our original love for rowdy junior high kids. Yes, both of us used to be crazy, now it’s mostly just Bryan.

And for the last eight summers, we’ve brought students to Hume Lake for a week of summer camp. Early in our marriage, Bryan would counsel a guy’s cabin, while I, a group of giggly girls. Us ladies would stay up late talking and every morning I’d threaten if they pulled out their makeup bag with hopes of impressing the male lifeguards. Girls, puh-leese! I’m sorry to break the news, but they are not looking at you or your envisioned marriage. Let’s not glob on the makeup this week. Let them freckles breathe. That was then…

Friendships: Old and New!

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Karen, my soul friend, the one we lovingly referred to as ‘Phoebe’ all through college, left her much-loved East Coast and arrived in Huntington Beach two Tuesdays ago. For days she joined our unassuming family, winning the boys over with her contagious laugh and gift for questions. There’s something so pure about those first reunited hours with a soul friend, words heaped upon words, detailing important nuggets of what we haven’t covered in person, the true heart topics rising to the top, rich and honest and urgently calm.

Celebrating America’s Birthday!

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As we all know, yesterday was America’s Birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with patriotically appropriate food and family adventures! Starting with Americana Breakfast: Then soaking up a non-hurried, loungy morning of coffee-sipping and game-playing, where my youngest schooled me at Memory 🙂 A neighborhood bike-ride transported our family to the ‘good ol’ days’ when block parties welcomed …

Strep Throat

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I’m a huge believer that life is what happens when you are busy planning life. Isn’t it always that way? You’re planning on arriving early to finalize details for your work presentation, and you get a flat tire or It’s the first day of vacation and you receive word that the flight has been cancelled. or While your hubby is …


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Loneliness. It plagues all of us, yet it’s an epidemic not commonly discussed in everyday circles. I mean, who has time to be lonely? We are keeping ourselves quite busy, thank you very much! And that, wherein, lies the problem. Busyness. It blinds root issues and numbs heartbeats. There are two distinct seasons I’ve experienced deep oceans of loneliness~ my …

Simple Splurges

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Life is compiled of ups, downs, in-betweens, laugh lines, sore muscles, full tummies, sandy floormats, tired eyes, joyful moments, and simple splurges. And this weekend has been dotted with simple splurges! Double ice cream scoop with four spoons ~ one spoon for Ty, one for Tanner, one for Bry, and, now that I think of it, I’m pretty sure Ty had one spoon in …