5 Ways to Simply CELEBRATE others Well

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CELEBRATING!!!! is my word for the year. Cue confetti, disco balls, chocolate-dunked laughter, and loud tunes vibrating off vividly adorned walls. It’s celebratin’ time. Celebrating Myself. You. New relationships. Old friends. Our growth. Our faith. Our desire to move through the mess and see Him in the details. Back in January, I wrote myself a birthday letter (enjoy it here) because why not? …

Why Pro Others Doesn’t Mean Anti You

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“Look, mommy and daddy!” Ty hovers his body between the couch and coffee table in a perfect plank. “Cool bud. You’r so strong!” From the kitchen, Tanner hollers, “I’m strong TOO!” “Yea, bud, you sure are.” “Mommy, daddy. Look!” Ty dives at the ground in a death-defying somersault he apparently learned at gymnastics. “Awesome bud. That was great.” “I can do that.” …

Repost: Thanksgiving in May

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Two years ago I was struck by how quickly my grateful heart wore off as November’s Thanksgiving came and went. Set on recapturing thankfulness and celebrating how God works in the peaks and pit, I was compelled to write this post: Thanksgiving in May.

Fast-forward to May, 2014, and Thanksgiving in May is at the forefront of my thoughts. Care to join? Would you like to soak up the last week of May, the half-way marker until we gather around the table to feast with family and friends, and utter gratitude for blessings abundant?

GRIEF Journey: Dedicating a Teacher’s Legacy

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When someone passes, there exists the temptation to idolize and place that person on a perfection pedestal.

In reality, we are all human- full of quirks and flaws. As was my Dad. An earnest, hard-working, believe-the-best-in-everyone man. His faith could move mountains, and his nature settle the most anxious of nerves. But in high school I’d wished I’d understood him better. How I teased him about “getting in touch with his feelings”. We nearly stopped talking over his panic at trying to teach me to drive. Over the years we didn’t always see eye-to-eye or agree. Our relationship strengthened when I married, and when grandkids came, well, stick-a-fork-in-him, watching him in the grandpa role won a new-found love and respect.