Sunday Confession: Reclaiming myself in the Kitchen

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Yesterday my friend Crystal invited me to (in)courage’s event, (in) real life Friended,¬†surrounding friendship. I was struck by the words from one of the speakers- was it Kristen Strong or Jen Schmidt? My memory escapes, but what I remember was this: “People are inspired by our strengths, but they connect to our failures.” Boom. Isn’t that the truth? But here’s …

Bully for You

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It happened at the park with some friends. The older ones were racing around the structure, pretending to be “Sonic.” Yes, folks, Sonic the Hedgehog is back {insert “I feel old thoughts”} One little munch was playing in the sand, while Ty was circling two boys like a vulture. His face determinedly brazen: “You are my chosen park playmates and I will be joining you both.”

They, on the other hand, were not feeling the same.