A mouse and a man in a Hawaiian Shirt

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Home from school, Ty pulled me into his room, dove his hand inside a pocket and proudly held out 2 feet of paperwhite yarn. “I found it on the playground,” he boasted. Then he disappeared into the office and emerged with tape, a firmly planted “mouse tail” displayed above his rear. I may have died. This kid’s creativity inspires me by the hour. …

Oh how they Grow

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It was during communion at church that I saw him. Voices sang “Center” in unison, and people formed lines to break bread and remember. Oh Christ be the center of our lives Be the place we fix our eyes Be the center of our lives Tall. How tall he is now. Donned in skinny jeans and a plaid flannel, his hair is …

Taking Care of Us Mamas!

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For all you mamas out there ~

I see you being the best mama you can be, I see you taking the most amazing care of your kids…

spreading the blanket on the park grass for a picnic lunch

feeding them healthy foods and putting thought into what goes into their body

teaching them to “kick, kick, kick” those legs as they prepare for many a swim days this summer

Kids say the darnest things!

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I am constantly entertained by my 2 year old, Tanner, also known as “T”- aren’t we efficient? 🙂 Not only is he a compulsive door closer, but he now loves to do laundry, thanks to my mom! Yep, he takes all his dirty clothes out of the hamper, carries them downstairs and informs me that it is “time to do …