Baby Fever

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Ty is obsessed with babies. OBSESSED. He sees them at Target and immediately stalks the parent holding the tiny infant. He notices babies at the park and stands as close as humanly possible without being that.weird.kid breathing on baby-holder’s kneecaps. I’ve had to remind him it’s not like asking to touch the neighbor’s dog. You can’t say, “Can I pet  hold your baby, kind …

How do babies come out?

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Was not prepared for this one, friends.

Maybe in a couple years, but now? Really?

And so we jumped in with both feet to the baby convo with our oldest.

It went like this: {nonchalantly} during a snack, with a full mouth of Cheez Itz, So mom, how do babies come out? Followed by quick pause, eyes boring into mine. And don’t tell me from your bellybutton because I’ve seen yours, and it’s not big enough for a baby to come out of.