On the anniversary of a loved One

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{This post is dedicated to my dear friend Donna, who lost her mom a year ago today. And to Wendi, who lost her sweet dad years ago, and gently prepared me for my own father’s heavenersary. And to anyone else who is missing a loved one today, these words are for you.} ———————————————————————————————————————- It seems to stare at you in …


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In light of celebrating what is supposed to be mom and dad’s 42nd anniversary and dad’s 65th birthday, I’m forever grateful that we celebrated them well last year. More so, I’m thankful I shared these words with them {especially dad} – words that he read and felt and knew. I smile even now, remembering when we were over for dinner one night and as I bathed the boys in their ginormous tub, I saw this post taped to their bathroom mirror:

{written June 25, 2012}


Dear Bry,

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I love that eight years ago we thee wed! And what an adventure it’s been!   I love… that every time we drive along the coast, my arm automatically reaches to take the wheel, while you crane your neck and transport you and your board to the ocean waves, your unruly, right eyebrow, that I still get the tingles when …