Well, come.
Consider yourself at home here; just as you are.

I believe listening is healing.
Being heard is healing.
Experiencing steadfast confidence when giving ourselves permission to receive Love, rather than strive, is healing.

I am in process of becoming my truest self. Perhaps you are, too?

This looks a lot like surrendering expectations and plans, and learning to become more comfortable with not having answers. I'm passionate about inviting people to feel known, and to live congruently, so that our insides match our outsides. My prayer is to bridge the tension between truth and mystery, as we journey our unique lives, side-by-side.

I’ve worn many hats that include wife, mama of two boys, author, interior designer, nature-explorer, plant lady, hospice worker, poet, prayer, thrifter, whimsy-chaser, gardener, podcaster, seed scatterer and wildflower gatherer.

However, the more I surrender these titles, the more I discover my bare, vulnerable self most at home cultivating community through Taco Tuesdays at our casa, serving as a certified spiritual director and facilitating and hosting Pasture Experience Retreats in our TN home.

This space is also where I process, type and arrange Posies: Wildly Whimsy Poems & Prayers.

I can't help but wonder if the small mustard seed miracles in our everyday are actually the most sacred, lasting legacies, planted and picked by the Divine.

Our family's dream is for Pasture to become a destination retreat space, complete with a B&B, barn, pond, and miniature donkey to greet as you come to receive rest and soul nourishment. We envision gathering community for Taco Tuesdays, cooking classes, outdoor concerts, wildflower-picking, spiritual direction, retreats and more.

Until that day, we will continue opening and sharing the gift of our home and kitchen to make great food, help you feel known, and send you off feeling like part of our family.

The legacy we hope to leave is an outpouring of philoxenia: the love of strangers, an act of eager hospitality and welcome.

May you feel lighter and more loved in this li'l patch of soul care space.

Grace & Space,
Bekah Jane

Become intimate with Him in whatever you do, and He will lead you wherever you go.
Proverbs 3:6, Passion Translation