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Let’s talk about vacations for a second. There’s the hopes and expectations of how it will unfold. The weather will be perfect, The kids will not argue once. All will be magical and sunny and super relaxing.

These were my silly expectations. And I didn’t know until we arrived to straight gray weather and cold wind and real life happening in a different area. Hubs and I couldn’t get on the same page and it was comical how the four of us were struggling to find a rhythm.

You know what was amazing though? Doing life with friends who were vacationing in the same spot. Letting our kids play in the pool, and taking beach walks (even if we were in sweats) and gobbling up their generous offer to watch our boys so we could grab a spontaneous sushi date. Celebrating great news with them and being families doing normal life together.

Bry and I had a beautiful conversation about expectations; even the ones we weren’t aware we had.

Unsaid expectations are unmet expectations.

We’re learning. You too?

Here’s what I learned from our mini beach vacay: Some days are cold when we crave warmth. Sometimes we’re on different pages with our people. Sometimes we just want the escape to fill all the longings, and the beauty comes in putting our expectations out into the open air and sharing them.

The sun came out on our last day at the beach. We checked out of our hotel and spent all day on the sand, relishing every moment.

The sun WILL come out. And it’s oh-so-worth the wait!

Here’s to celebrating that REAL is the new perfect!

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