Turning the Light On

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We turn the light on to help someone find their way home.

Even if home is not here, but over there. Down the street. Or across the world.

A small light leading toward a familiar feeling that we may not yet have words for.

It was Tay who first turned on a light that is still leading me home.

She invited me to an Enneagram workshop at her mom’s home and I bawled – ugly cried, please excuse me while I go to the bathroom bawled- when I watched the panelist and 100% identified with the 4. Which I later questioned and have now found myself at home with. She turned on the light to a way of peering inside, past behavior or personality, and straight to the heart of motive. A teeter of longing to be seen and known. Can we have both?

I remember I came home, alive. Chattering like a chipmunk for hours about this new awareness and way of compassion-looking. Appreciating the uniqueness in all of humanity and feeling understood for the first time, well, ever.

Bryan may have teased me about a new-found obsession but years later, we are changed by one person turning on the lights.

It was this same friend, she be a light-turner-on-er- that handed me Leaving Church by beloved Barbara Brown Taylor. When I reached for the cover, an electric shock coursed up my entire arm and I knew, shoot. This book means something. I’ll never be the same after reading this. I do believe in that moment I knew we’d be stirred to live out church differently.

Kelly turned on a light and literally opened the door to pursue becoming a spiritual director.

Another friend comes out of the woodwork and on goes the light. Toward smaller, few, simple, intentional.

I ask, how do you feel most alive? How’s your heart? I offer a light.

Have you listened to this podcast? Light on.
I have to connect you with this person. Light on.
One by one, lights shimmer and draw us toward how God is alive in us. Personally, and creatively.

We turn on lights for others. We turn off lights. We are drawn to the lights being turned on through a snippet of podcast conversation, lyrics to a song. We have a hard day and talk with a friend and she mentions how comforting the story of Gideon was to her; about how God whittles us down and then does the impossible. We connect around a table about a local eatery that serves the best cinnamon rolls and then this person tells a friend and she tells another. Lights are turned on all over. We pass them through books, truth, confessions, and stories.

They come with creative sparks like, I do believe I’d like to start making candles. Just for the fun of it. I tell a friend and she gets a spark and orders supplies and makes soaps and bath bombs and suddenly a whole bath and body line is in creation.

We affect one another with our lights. We have the power to turn them on and off. For such a moment in time, your words, your encouragement, your truth-telling and insightful eyes can leave a forever mark in one’s hunger to find home.

Keep the lights on. Keep sharing what you learn. Don’t squelch the information for yourself. Let’s open our homes, our ideas, our creativity, our love, our learnings and watch as one by one, this turns the light on to lead one another home.

Wherever home may be.

Who’s turning a light on for you? Who are you turning a light on for? We may never know how far-reaching a light is cast, but I promise, it’s on for a reason.


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