Permission to Shine

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* This post is dedicated to Mandy and anyone who feels like they have to dim themselves to be loved. 

I spoke with a friend just now, walking all over our neighborhood. For an hour plus.

I listened as she shared honest words about how she’s dimmed to keep peace in relationships. She’s dimmed in order to be loved.

Is that really love?

And I found myself having a stand-on-a-chair moment with her. And maybe for you, too.

Because it’s safe to say maybe you feel like you have to put your head down on the table, or curl up in a ball, or disappear under a rock for having real emotions, big dreams, or contrary thoughts.

Much of becoming our true selves is shedding who we used to be in hopes of living dim-free.

Permission to shine, dear friend.

Permission to be honest and allow God to advocate for you.

Permission to tread off the well-chiseled safe path and pioneer something new. Even if you don’t have light for the next step. Yet.

Permission to take up space, and stand confidently in grace, and walk into healing. Permission to surround yourself with people who long to know, you as you long to know them. Or at least desire connection. Awareness is often the first step.

Permission to believe, I don’t have to leave myself to be loved. Ever.

You, are made to shine.
Not because on your own you are glimmery or shimmery or perfect.

Quite the contrary.

You have permission to shine because as you walk wholeheartedly, whole soulfully into where you feel lighter and more at peace in your body, this will feel scary and crazy. Especially if no one else is walking with you. Or affirming your pivot. Or championing your truth-telling. This doesn’t mean your shining needs to be dimmed. Please, don’t squelch that light inside. Don’t hang your head in shame. Don’t look for the closest rock to climb under after sharing because others respond with raised eyebrows or blank stares.

The spiritual life is congruent; mind, body and spirit. And where Jesus stirs is crazy-making for sure.

We need brave sojourning souls who are willing to stand back and ask:

What feels off?
What seems right?

What am I feeling in my body?
Who am I listening to?
Who’s taking up mind and heart space?
What am I believing?
Where am I dimming to be accepted?
Where am I created to shine?

And then reclaim the joy that comes from moving forward toward the deep quiet knowing of truth and grace.

Always truth and grace.

Permission to shine. There’s room for a whole lot more shimmer in this dark world.

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  1. I like that idea of shining…for so long I have been dim…you are right it does feel scary and crazy. I often shrink back, dim the light so to speak, because it feels safer to go back, yet the more I shine, the more it feels right and real.

  2. Good morning Bekah,
    I love sitting on your porch via email. These words were such balm to my soul. My father died unexpectedly this week and I am heartbroken. I have felt like i have to be dimmed and not show my heart. My daddy alwzys told me it was ok to be brave and shine even others want to stop me. It is with Grace and quiet strength I will lay him go rest but I will shine as I do it. Thank you

  3. Your words resonate with me so deeply and they always appear right on time. I am struggling in almost every aspect of my life…but especially at my job. I’ve allowed them to dim my light…literally walking around just hanging my head down to avoid conflict with those that don’t appreciate my work ethic. I woke up this morning determined to make it through a shift without wanting to cry, and I see this email and I cried lol! Because it was what I needed. Ever since I discovered Your Choosing Real bible plan on the Bible app and then reading the book, you have been a great source of motivation and encouragement for me. Thank you so much.

  4. Oh you shine SO bright, beautiful friend!!! Thank you for giving others permission (and encouragement) to do the same!!! Love you!!! 🙂 xoxo

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