Burn Bright

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For many of us, our light goes out when we leave a job, a relationship, a marriage, a season. We wonder, God where are you? Why are you quiet ? Distant? Uncaring? Unfatherly?

Is He though?

I’m experiencing Him in new ways. Ways I realize, now, I thought people would offer. Security. Provision. Unconditional love. Openness. Trust.

I feel the familiar trust ball wobbly in my throat.

I’m learning – moving into a new home and being let go from a job the next day – that searching for answers brings me to my knees for the Answer. The alone Answer.

I’m watching my pastor hubby search for God outside of a church job. Where before he found Him with a flick of the light switch and the comfort of a constant paycheck. He helped people on Sunday mornings and checked kiddos into classrooms and hugged families and was needed. Now he wonders if God needs him when we’re going on 2 years without a constant job.

Yet, he’s learning God is inside him, shining a mustard seed glow when he’s making calls or fumbling for answers.

We are fireflies waiting for summer.

And often, we just want to walk in a room and turn on a switch and expect God to perform. To provide. To bring security. To give relationally. To instill trust into our brains like a quick hit of caffeine.

But he’s a dismantler, our Father. He’s lighting us from within, so that when we walk onto a porch or a church or a job, we know our worth comes not from those walls or authority or titles, but from a quiet still knowing that He is already in us.

No person can be our provider, our security, our confidant, our everything. My spouse nor myself. My dearest friends, nor my kids. Only the eternal. The one who stirs my soul and awakens me deeper to hold tight to His promises. To fuel my little light from His flame.

Burn bright.
Burn bright.
Burn bright firefly.
Dismantle all comforts, securities, codependent ties and hold tightly to His light.

Summer is here and it’s your time to shine.

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  1. Your blog post brought to mind verses that I am leaning on as we start a little handmade wood products business. It’s a little business, but scary to us nonetheless. My favorite line from this post is…fuel my little light from His flame. That should be my daily mantra- through it all, the thick & the thin…just like the song we sang as children. This Little Light of Mine.

    I will bless the Lord who counsels me; my heart instructs me even in the night seasons. I will set the Lord continually before me… with You at my right hand I will never be shaken, You protect me from fear. With all my heart I will celebrate, I can safely rest because my hope is in You. For You, Lord, will show me the path of life…In Your presence is fullness of joy & at Your right hand I will find pleasure forevermore! Ps 16: 7-9&11

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      Beverly, yes, let those words be your mantra. Especially as you embark on a new business (I want to hear more!) Thank you for sharing that Psalm. “I will never be shaken.” Now those words are MY daily mantra. Thanks and hugs! ~ Bekah

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  2. Your words speak to my heart. I have learned through many difficult circumstances and life changes that God has walked with me through them all. He’s molded and shaped me into the woman I am today, and I know that without those experiences I wouldn’t have the testimony of his faithfulness that I can share with others. Thank you

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      Linda, how beautifully said: “…the testimony of his faithfulness…” Your life is a reflection of His and we are better for you having lived through the hard to share on the other side. Thank you, Bekah

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