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Peonies, ranunculus, and eucalyptus leaves. If I’m at farmer’s market or the store, these are the bouquets I intuitively reach for.

But if we’re driving, and from the corner of my eye I spot a herd of wild sunshiny daffodils, you better bet your bottom dollar, we’re jumping out for some off-road picking. So often, in fact, that my boys have learned the drill.

I’ve got the cup. I’ve got the scissors, they both yell, and into the meadow we tromp.

What I love about flowers is that they don’t wait for permission to confidently open and tilt their faces skyward. They bloom because they were created to do so. Unapologetically. A gift to confetti the world with their fragrance and beauty.

We’re wildflowers, you and I. We come into this world innocent and eager, looking around for excited faces oohing and ahhing at our unfolding.

Over time, what happens?

We open vulnerably. We show our true petals, we notice we are different than the bouquets next to us, we meet a blind eye. We may get tossed in the trash.

And then?

We wilt. We bow our faces and droop our once beautiful, bold colors over limpy stems and our fragrance, our life, it goes out.

Before we bloomed because we were born to, but now, we are tempted to find false value only after we are chosen through recognition, attention, or a welcoming nod.

Wildflower souls, we are meant to bloom from bulbs and seeds. From the depths of our being, not only when picked.

Tonight an image came to mind. One of my own life as a bouquet of wildflowers. Queen Anne’s lace, milkweed, lavender and green leaves nestled together. Suddenly one by one, the top of each wildflower met rejection, silence, loss, a closed door, quiet.

A harsh word from an editor telling me I make people uncomfortable with my writing. Chop goes the Queen Anne’s lace and down fall white snowflake petals to the ground.

I begin finding health in not carrying others and instead find value in who I am; not what I do. Cut, goes milkweed and more petals drift to dirt.

Shame. Pale violet bursts join blossoms below.

Silence. Solitude. More and more petals. My feet are littered with a mixture of sky, earth and sunset feathers scattered under a headless bouquet of stiff stems.

I note my false sense based on prior perceptions.

When rejection or betrayal or embarrassment occurred, I wilted if not chosen. I stopped confidently living out who I was meant to be.

Maybe you have to? Has a jarring word, a disconnected friendship, or meeting a deaf ear left you feeling un-blossom worthy?

Does the fear of scissors keep you from blooming before you even try?

Friends, here’s the magic: we are meant to be bulbs and seeds. Where our temptation is to find our security, protection and comfort in recognition, connection and human intimacy, we are designed to go deep deep deep into the quiet corners of the earth and plant ourselves. From the innermost core and then, after time, we blossom. We blossom despite accolades or weather or anyone’s presence. We blossom simply because we are breathing.

We are fully secure and deeply confident in this space as a bulb or seed because time and silence and waiting waiting waiting until we are mature and ready and strong enough to hold ourselves up through the earth – for however long we wave in the wind – echoes this very truth.

Blooms die. They meet sun or need water and eventually get thrown in the trash.

Sweet wildflower, don’t lose your beauty gift to this world. Rather than waiting to bloom, plant firmly and grow from the inside up, from the deepest parts of a knowing soil. When you push through the earth, you will know you persevered in the dark. What you endured in the concealed black, in the quiet, in the space void of accolades or recognition or external comforts, reflects a deep truth: you are strong. You don’t need anyone to watch you dance in the wind, wearing your vibrant petals and shining like the miracle you are. You dance regardless.

You are beautiful.

You are blossoming, then resting for a season, only to return later.

Bulb to blossom.
Bulb to blossom.

Seed to wildflower.
Seed to wildflower.

You will come back stronger. More vibrant. More untethered to your external circumstances. You will come back more breathtakingly alive. Every time you do, you understand that to bloom from a bulb or seed is to grow.

Earth to sky.
Earth to sky.

You wait for no one to give you the signal to bravely bloom.

You do so naturally, with humble confidence. Because you, wildflower, are created to. And the beauty of emerging from the ground up is enough.

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  1. Welllllll this is my most absolute favorite! So creative and earthy and encouraging and wildflowers, well we know how I feel about those.

    Thanks for this girl, keep dancing in the wind.

  2. What a beautiful analogy from one flower lover to another! πŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸŒΉ

  3. What a beautiful analogy from one flower lover to another! πŸ’πŸŒΌπŸŒ·πŸŒΈπŸŒΉ

  4. Well, now that made my soul feel good!! Freedom to bloom!! And to be who God made me! I love it- Bekah thank you for sharing those words with us!!!

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