Pave BOLDly

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There’s a stirring welling up in some of us. A stirring to do life different, a stirring for deep space and contemplation and for real life and faith to intersect. A stirring for brazen boldness.

I say this because just last week, while coaching two writers, we spoke of this very stirring. They mentioned not finding a group they fit into and wondering if there is room for them.

I could feel my heart hammering as I listened.

This is where I get excited. This is where I believe God is doing the stirring because there is a crop of us who maybe don’t feel there’s a tribe or crew or organization we fit into because we are supposed to pioneer something NEW. We’ve been looking up high or over yonder. We’ve been caught in the comparison tide when we ought to listen deeper. At the ground level. In the unseen spaces. When our imaginations wake us in the middle of the night or we can’t shake the thought of, ‘What would it look like if I did this different?’

When something has yet to be done, there is no box to put this bold dream into. This stirring feels scary and unseen, but this, friends, is where the magic of boldness comes into play. This is where we boldly pioneer. Not with a RaRa, Hear Me Roar declaration but a pioneering of sheer faith and raw trust. A pioneering of the yet-to-be-understood. What we are pioneering- whether it be relationships, a business, words, music, design, food, church culture or more- may not have a category and may not be for everyone. That’s okay. If others don’t get it, that doesn’t negate your path.

Don’t confuse BOLD with brash. We are not pioneering to overcompensate or flex overbearing muscles; we are cobbling streets gathered and made from God’s grace spaces: pain, solitude, silence, waiting, humility and broken-heartedness. We pave because using what we find from bending low is where we discover a confident knowing.

Pave BOLDly.

For my fellow parents, painters, writers and designers. For those with a bold stirring to shake the status quo and see what happens when you step out in unseen faith, pave.

Pave BOLDly.

Not because you need your name in lights or recognition but because where you are being called, there is not yet a path.

This is the beauty of boldness, of sheer tenacious faith. Of trusting what is not in front of us for the sake of who is prompting us forward.

Pave BOLDly. 


In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. Ephesians 3:12

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  1. Thank you for your beautiful words that stir my soul! I feel God leading me into the unknown, down a path I’ve never been. He has a purpose for my life, but has only allowed me to see a tiny glimpse. I have no clue where I’m going or what I need to do. All I can do it pray and trust.

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