Focusing on the Fringe

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See that sweet birdy perched on the highest branch? That’s me years ago thinking that to have it all together meant that I had to have a place in church, community, life. That if I was going along with the status quo I’d arrived. Friends, I HAD IT ALL WRONG. I never felt at home there because, what I’m learning, is that I belong among the fringe, the broken-hearted, the messy. Because I am them.

Where before I tried to fit in with the “have it all-togethers” I now know home is with the “I don’t have it together.” I was trying to connect and share and “you know what I mean?” in the wrong places. And now I know, more than the air I breathe, that my place, my voice, my aliveness is among the upside down, the inside out. Those empty and dependent and waiting.

This IS the church. This is where Jesus hangs out. I am them and they are me. We are the fringe and broken and in need of grace, and flying from the top to the bottom has never felt so freeing.

So to my fellow fringers. To my wonderers if you are seen or worthwhile. To you who ponder if God cares a darn or if your fringeness is valuable, the answer is a resounding YES. He is present and near and protective among the fringe. He does healing, meets intimately, and whispers hidden truths into the ears of the brokenhearted.

How are you among the fringe? How can you focus on the fringe today? Do you relate more to the ‘have it all togetherers’ or the ‘I don’t have it together?’

There will be a season for each of us where we feel on the outside or on the inside and each season is necessary. I believe with every fiber of my soul that the humility and dependent trust learned on the fringe ignites a compassion to come alongside and say with knowing eyes and words, I’m with you. Us fringe souls are a beautiful bunch.


The LORD is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18

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  1. Hard things to admit, acknowledge, but so encouraging. Thank you for your vulnerability and for sharing. Praying for you and your ministry.

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