You are not Broken

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You are not broken; you are human
You are on a faith journey.
This faith is one of fierce love, authentic depth and extravagant grace.
Grace for you and grace for myself.
Grace for us who carry more than God intended.
Grace as we journey the beauty of caring without carrying.
Grace to not expect perfection or fix with solutions.
Grace to come as we are and experience an interior lightness, a peace that is given space to know we are enough in the care we offer and the Father who carries us all.
Grace and lightness and abundant permission as you celebrate a Savior, knowing a life lived in caring without carrying is a life of rich joy.


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  1. Exactly what I needed today! My Father encouraging me to care, not carry. Confirmation of what I heard Him whisper this morning: “You need to learn to carry others’ burdens in prayer, not in your emotions.”

    1. Post

      Cindy, these are some of the most beautifully wise words I’ve ever read: “You need to learn to carry others’ burdens in prayer, not in your emotions.” Yes and amen! Thank you. Much love! xo, Bekah

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