Dear Friend, What’s on your Heart?

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Hi friend,

It’s chilly out and the sky is waving her autumn leaves; those that have yet to drop. My oldest is on the couch, his lap practically in mine, a 3 day fever breaking my heart.

I find my thoughts drifting to you. What does your day look like? What are you carrying on your plate? In your heart? What thoughts are bouncing around in that multi-tasking mind?

I ask because when I write, I’m communicating with you. I pretend we’re on the couch or you’re in a chair beside me. We’re talking. Listening and sharing back and forth. Back and forth. Isn’t that what a conversation, a book, a blog is, after all?

Confession: I’ve been paralyzed to write recently. As a dreamer, I like to have the entire idea formed, sealed and ready to write into. I want to have all the answers, then go back and fill in blank spaces. I felt stuck because our life is currently void of many most answers. In fact, last week as I prepared to speak at a women’s retreat in CA, I found myself petrified to share. You see, I had no shiny bow to offer. No this-is-how-the-journey-ends story. Just here’s-how-God’s-inviting-me-to-know-satisfaction-smack-dab-in-the-middle-of-discomfort rawness, which paved a path to the very space I shared from. Like Abraham in Hebrews 11: By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going. And you know what made the weekend beautiful? The grace I gave myself and unknowingly offered to others who don’t have answers, conclusions, or lessons learned either. Permission to be perfectly in process.

More and more I’m finding true connection comes in the not having answers. We are inspired by beauty and become human in our broken journeys.

Most of life is lived in the unknown, the waiting, the being and simmering. I’m convinced I need, like my friend Sarah encouraged me to do, to simply write. Before answers come.

So I have a question for you because friend, you are also my readers. My nest. You are the ones who have continued to champion my first book, send kind emails, ask questions and generously share your journey with me. It’s a two way street, this reader/blog-book writer thing and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

What are you craving these days? When you talk with a friend, what comes to the surface? What questions are you asking? In which life area are you hoping for healing? What are you learning? How are you growing? What are you confused by? What occupies your mind and you’ve yet to give it air and share aloud? Where are you wanting to trust more? What do you long to speak if you knew you’d be fully heard, encouraged and given permission, if you knew your opinions would be validated, needed and gracefully sought out?

Answer me this:  If you could pluck a book from a shelf and cozy up on your couch, what topic is your soul most needing to be with right now?

I ask because I deeply care and am curious. What friend, what’s on your heart?

I’m listening.



Your friend on the couch


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  1. I am hoping for some health issues to be healed. My desire is to be focused on God and walk close to Him, but I struggle with keeping my focus when I am so tired and my health issues are a distraction for me. I love your writing and your encouragement that we are in process and to be real.

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      Peggy, I’m sorry about your health issues. How are you experiencing God in your pain? When I went through my surgeries last year, pain was the biggest wake up to BEing. Praying grace and permission your way. xo, Bekah

  2. This past year or so I have grown by leaps and bounds in my Christian walk and through a life long battle with insecurity and worthlessness. I find myself in a more vulnerable spot these days, having trusted God for my worth, I have let down some of the walls of guarding myself. I feel that I am going through many struggles of being hurt. I have exposed myself, opened my heart, and I find that close friends and family are either taking me for granted or ignoring me. How do I deal with the hurt without retreating to the protection of isolation?

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      Linda, you are so brave for vulnerably offering your true self and risking living exposed. But would you rather live self-protected and partially hidden? I wonder if God is inviting you to unprotect and stay engaged to experience Him as true Protector? Live exposed. Live vulnerable. Your journey is brave and no doubt restful for your soul. xo, Bekah

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