Reminders in the Sky

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To date there is no other place I experience God so right-here-present-and-close-I-could-taste-Him near as when I sit among the expanse of green meadow behind David Arm’s Gallery in historic Leiper’s Fork. The ways the trees sway, conducting classical music coming from inside. The adirondack chairs, the open fields, the yellow leaf bursts against a sapphire sky. Up, up, up a skywriter plane glides white wake behind.

Heaven touch earth.

This is why we are in Tennessee.

This place.
The smoke of bonfire, the taste of shared home-baked pumpkin bread, crisp white wine in a plastic cup, and the tiniest hint of chill in field breeze.

This is home. I could stay forever.
With the music and sounds and laughter behind.  I dare turn my head, should I miss a moment. Another plane comes from nowhere, this time straight up, like in my recent dream. I grab my phone and snap- a barely there mock of what my eyes see, but it’s enough. It’s the answer I prayed for as I drove back roads to come here and out-loud asked, God please speak. Please confirm why we’re here. Even when we can’t see or understand the next step.

He reminds. Literally in the sky. Even as I glance up now, the faint white smoke is gone, but what remains is his reminder:

I see.
I speak.
I know.
Trust. Trust. Trust daughter of mine.


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