Living 3 years in 3 months

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We’ve only been in TN 3 months and it feels like 3 years.
‘Cuz there’s a lotta life we’ve been living these past 91(ish) days.


Set up a home

Rearranged a home (if you know me, just shrug, per usual)

Discovered Spring Hill Antique Mall, a killer secondhand store around the corner, Delta Bound’s brisket melt and our fave spot under the far tree at Arrington Vineyard, Firefly rosé in hand.

Fallen in love with our hood and our neighbors and after-dinner night Friday evening swims.

Been to urgent care for impetigo, strep throat, impetigo again and some weird eye thing.

Welcomed out-of-towns friends and family, walked Nashville’s Pedestrian bridge, breathed in the beauty of gorgeous Cheekwood Estate, toured Carnton Plantation, and watched outdoor movies at Leiper’s Fork while fireflies danced around young families.

Hiked Natchez Trace and spied Wynona Judd’s home across the creek, befriended the soap lady at Homestead Manor’s Farmer’s Market, craved Big Island acai bowls at Franklin Juice Co., collaborated with City Farmhouse for a community gathering, gobbled Jeni’s ice cream at 12 South and taken advantage of Goodwill stores being 50% off the first Saturday of the month (thanks, Kelly).

Cried and cursed and felt all the shame emotions of not having this transition dialed in when it comes to shiny paychecks or hefty bank accounts.

Trusted and found ourselves claiming a vacation mindset when it comes to what matters; when we’re headed for the pool, lathered in SPF 50 and a black cloud hurls across a southern sky and bombs all creation with a zillion water balloons, we’re learning to shift into plan b and cozy up with a movie or write cards or play monopoly. Like good ol’ monopoly.

Celebrated our 13th anniversary, Easter, Mothers day, Memorial Day, Father’s day, the 4th, and Unicorn Day somewhere in the mix. We’ve had a smattering of young boys on our back lawn careening down an epic homemade slip-n-slide made of plastic and baby soap for hours of birthday fun.

Been invited to new friend’s homes and felt as though we’ve known them for eons, brainstormed ministry stirrings with girlfriends on our couch, and made ‘you have to meet this person’ introductions.

Sat at our kitchen window mesmerized at how lightning slices horizontally through ebony sky; webbing and flashing a mix of white with black, while thunder clangity claps, Bruiser panicking at our feet.

Found normal, content Saturday’s mowing lawns, meeting friends for coffee and playing in the newfound creek off Kedron.

It’s been a full 3 months.

And the ironic truth is that I’m daily aware of how much more I could be doing.

More networking and writing and social media updating and connecting and posting about how much life we’re living instead of actually living and and and….

But I don’t care. I just don’t. I feel such raw peace about giving my focused time and energy and every.tiny.emotional ion to the people I share a home and city and heartbeat with that all the other stuff has taken a backseat. Writing here included.

It’s been a much needed season of being present and vacation-minded and concentrated in order to gather each detail that make up these past 91 days.

But I’m easing back. I’m itchy for consistent writing and creative flowing. I’ve practiced much self-control and the flood gates are about to burst open. And I believe there are beautiful things in store. For all of us.
Plus, I’ve missed you.

Amazing how we can live 3 years in 3 months or not live at all.

What everyday moments have been going on in your life these past 91(ish) days? Has this season felt like years or minutes? Do share.

Let’s make the most of our days, friends. We can live a whole lotta life and give a whole lotta love. What will the next 3 months hold?

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  1. So, I just had to come over here and comment because I found you on Insta via Crystal Paine, and we happen to be moving to somewhere around Spring Hill/Columbia very soon! I am already in love with the area and excited to meet people and go places and do things! We have been in transition for a long time, and I am so ready to put down new roots. Your post just makes me so hopeful for a new chance to build community and embrace new adventures with my husband and our kids! ❤️

    1. Post

      I can hear the excitement in your words. And what an adventure awaits. As a new soul to Spring Hill I can say that you will absolutely love the area and more than anything – the people. Praying for you as you move and settle in and give yourself space and grace to put down roots. xo, Bekah

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