Cookie Dough Confessions

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Chances are if you know me long enough, you’ll hear my cookie dough confession personally or from a friend of mine who tells another friend, because mention of cookie dough naturally comes up in everyday conversation, right?

When I was in junior high and my younger brother was in elementary school, our parents taught summer school and being home all day, we had the world at our fingertips. Or better yet, the kitchen. My best friend, Kathy, lived with us for a season, and the summer of 8th grade is one marked by cinnamon sugar toast breakfast, sliding across the slippery wooden kitchen floor in striped socks, and forcing my brother to watch Days of our Lives.

At some point in the afternoon we made cookies. Daily. As in Looking back our poor folks probably had to teach summer school to fund our cookie-making obsession. Bless.

Without fail, mom and dad announced their arrival home with the garage door going up, then down, my mom’s famous sing-song voice welcoming, Hello kids. We’re hooooooooooome. Please imagine her hugs accompanying all of this.

Then please imagine the kitchen. Flour-covered counters, butter wrappers rested like feathers in the trash, wayside chocolate chips hid in granite designs. Three kids bent over a mixing bowl, scraping dough from the sides, warm cookies cooling on the You are Loved plate.

Every dough scoop went straight into our pieholes.

Followed by the same comment we heard the day before. Something about eating raw dough and salmonella. I don’t remember because I was looking for tupperware to store leftover dough in. And then I nonchalantly marched upstairs, and positioned said cookie dough under my bed. And for the remainder of the week, come lights out, I reached underneath, grabbed the precious tupperware container, and with my pointer finger, scooped a chunk of dough and savored every.gooey.morsel while reading under sheets, a book light casting shadows on pages.

So there you have it. When I was in junior high I beat the odds of salmonella poisoning. I built a tolerance. And I survived.

(photo: @buzzfeedfood / @taylormillerphoto)

(photo: IG, cookiedonyc, @thrillist)

Which is why I ABOUT DIED OF GIDDINESS when some friends shared the life-changing news about DO, Cookie Dough Confections, a brilliant NY bakery that just opened in Greenwich Village, where.. are you ready?… they serve raw cookie dough scoops. In a waffle cone.

Heaven come down.

I’m currently clearing everything from under our bed. Pack your bags ‘cuz we’re going to New York. Who’s comin’ with me?

To join my all-consuming-life crisis in NYC, plan on joining me at cookieDOnyc:

nstagram: cookidonyc
Local Weight Watchers locations:

** And for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe on the West Coast, you can find Mana’s Chocolate Cookie Recipe on pg. 201 of Choosing REAL. Baking optional. **

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  1. OMGosh…LOL-I remember these days like they were yesterday-you and Andrew and Kathy sliding and baking and laughing! Some of the best memories EVER! It was only years later that you confessed the cookiedoughunderthebed obsession…naughty cherub! Ü And…I must hasten to add (so that all your readers don’t think you were abandoned or neglected), Dean and I taught mornings only for summer school…we were home by lunchtime. As much fun as you crazy trio had, you were very responsible, and, by the time you were in 8th grade, you’d been babysitting other people’s kids for2 years! Just to set the record straight! Ü I love you soooo! mama

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