Who Cares?

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I sank into the couch, tears dripping down bright pink cheeks. I was beating myself up about how, “I’m sending our boys into early therapy,” and “I let this person down,” and “If only I had more margin to accomplish all these grand plans I have for the day- like working, and helping in the kids’ classroom, and bringing our neighbor dinner, and understanding 2nd grade math enough to look like I’m in charge of this parent-helps-with-homework-thing” and “have you seen how filthy our house is?” when Bry nonchalantly says, “Who cares?”

He didn’t throw it out flippantly or dismiss my vulnerableness, but just stated, in a matter-of-a-fact, “Why do you care?” permission-giving type of way.

Us beat-ourselves-up types need these words. Who cares are truth floods when self doubts sky rocket and we magnify every failure instead of illuminating the human-ness that comes with living.

Who cares? are healing words. Need-to-hear-and-believe words. Who is who anyway?

And I don’t know about you but I especially need to recite this simple phrase when I say no. When I disappoint. When I impulsively react. Who cares are emotionally healthy reminders when I find myself tip-toeing toward the people-pleaser cavern. How graceful and life-offering are the words, Who cares? Who really cares? I for one, am doing the best I can.

Friend, you’re doing the best you can.

Stop beating yourself up.
Or second-guessing.
Don’t let disappointment or doubts deter you from what you know in your gut is the wisest decision for you. For your family. For your sanity. For today. Don’t let the whos steal your confidence or joy.

Claim your choices.
Own your confidence.
Stand secure in knowing you are valued regardless of external circumstances or responses.
There is a quiet beauty birthed when we live unapologetically and free.

Perhaps the kindest form of who cares are the only words you need to offer yourself.

And I’m sharing them with you today.

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