On Laughter and Throwing Tupperware Lids

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I learned a new trick that works great for whining.

I pounce on the closest whiner, pin them on the couch, and tickle them ’til we’re both near peeing. Works like a charm. There’s something about laughter that lightens any mood. I mean, have you tried complaining when you’re laugh-snorting? Im.possible.

The following day I was talking with a lady at the office. She was sharing about how she and her hubby have been together since they were 16 and just celebrated 35 years of marriage!

What’s the secret? I grinned.

She thought, returned the smile, and said with absolute confidence, “Laughter. Laughter makes everything better.”

She went on to tell a story about a day her hubby came home from work, in a bear of a mood, and from down the hall, she heard him pull open the tupperware drawer and yell at no one in particular, “I hate these tupperware lids.” Then whiz! went the sound of the first lid. Then another flew. Then another. She ran to the kitchen to witness her husband having a bit of a lid-throwing tantrum.

“I wanted to yell. And get angry,” she shrugged. “But then I realized, ‘why not join him?’ ” So she grabbed a pile of tupperware lids and together they threw every.single.one like frisbees, until they were doubled over in laughter, unsure of what made them so mad in the first place.

“We refer to that story often,” she winked. “You can get angry,” she said. “Or you can throw tupperware lids and laugh.”

I’m thinking she’s on to something. I’m thinking we all need a drawer of tupperware lids for no other reason than to throw them.

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