You Are Really Good for People

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I need to share a secret with you. So I’m inviting you into our cottage, right here pat pat on our laundry-covered couch, near random dog toys, and little boy hand-written scratch-paper books scattered on the coffee table. I’m welcoming you near so I can offer a whisper and a sweet dose of truth. One I’m learning in real time.

Your greatest strength is the exact area the enemy is trying to attack you.
Your specific gift, the one others’ see so clearly in you, is the precise stage where the curtains are desperately being closed. 
Where you naturally shine the brightest is where doubt will echo the darkest.

I know this reality because I’ve been enduring it. You see, my greatest heartbeat is to relationally connect to those who feel rejected and remind them they are chosen. And a few months ago I started believing that I’m horrible at it. I’m not good at relationships. At doing life with people. Yet, those are the very ways I feel most alive and full and me. 

I’m wondering if you’re being cut to the core by a deceiver who knows where to permanently hurt you. Perhaps along the way, you, like me, started doubting, Am I even good at this?  

Lean in close. I want to wrap my arms around you and stamp those lies out cold and replace them with His reflective truth.That gift of yours, the one being pummeled and punched, it’s the very gift that, as Donald Miller says in Scary Close, makes you “really good for people.”

Who you are is good FOR people.
Your gift is good FOR people.
Your heartbeat makes a difference FOR people.
Your most natural expressions flowing from your being is exactly why God put you on this big round globe. Because “You are really good FOR people.”


What is your gift? Your unique offering to the world? Where has God chosen you to purposefully share or encourage or see people? Where is He stirring you to speak up and advocate for? Don’t think for one moment that area will go unattacked. In fact, don’t be surprised when doubts fly and lights go down on that gift. It means you’re using it. Just by being you.

And it’s really good for all of us.

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  1. I love reading your blog, but this one really spoke to me! Thanks for taking the time to share yourself in such a genuine way!

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  2. Well, shoot. Perfect timing for this post, Bekah. Per.Fect. Feeling all kinds of attacked as of late. It’s ridiculous. I know it’s the enemy, I’m just really tired. This was a beautiful fist bump that I needed at the moment. Thank YOU for being faithful with your gift. You’re a beautiful soul.

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      Consider yourself fist-bumped Hannah, because I for one, am a better person because of your words, your heart, and your contagious outlook. xo, Bekah

  3. YOU Bekah, are really good for people and especially me! It’s always a blessing to read your words!
    We are praying for Thursday ❤️ Love you much!

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