Go With what Excites You

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It gets me excited, this idea, I smiled into the phone.

Pay attention to that, she said. Always pay attention to what excites you.

It’s funny, but sometimes the simplest of words can capture a thought and then slowly release it as the day stretches on.

Pay attention to what excites you. I love that.

Instead of tweaking and hurrying what’s not coming from a space of aliveness, there is such wisdom in paying attention to what excites us.

For at the root of excitement burns zeal. A voice spoken from your truest self. A genuine smile at what brings unearthly joy.

What does that look like for you? What gets you excited?

Tanner has been battling a fever all weekend and yesterday when he climbed into bed warm and weepy, pretzeling himself into me, I knew to throw out my plans in exchange for keeping him home. But you know the magic of Ibuprofen- once it takes effect, it’s as if the cloud of a miserable child is suddenly replaced with the sunburst of all energy contained in a small soul. When I asked him what sounded good, his ginormous eyes didn’t miss a plea.

Grilled cheese on that thick, good bread.

So we joined the older demographic (my fave people) at Polly’s and over gooey grilled cheese sandwiches, we passed a paper back and forth writing questions and answering. Because sometimes verbal words are not computing with our connection from mother to son and visa versa.

In pencil, I wrote the first question: What makes you feel alive? And in adorable, almost-eight scrawl, he wrote, Playing football.

Done. Play football my son. Do what excites you. Go after what makes you feel alive, even if it doesn’t last forever.

So I’m scribbling in really bad handwriting the same question back to you:
What excites you? Do you know? If not, that’s okay. Just start paying attention. What do you find yourself doing? Thinking about? How do you occupy your time when you’re stressed or processing or putting off another load of laundry?

I’m gonna go with this idea ‘cuz I can’t stop grinning when thinking about it.

And I’m hoping the same for you. Go, friend, go with what excites you.

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