A New Puppy and an Old Dog

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Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Teddy joined our family. He’s a Shitty Malt (Shitzu-Maltese mix) and immediately became the center of attention. Which left our beloved Bruiser, ten years wise, feeling a bit, well, old news.

My friends teased me. What animal are you gonna get next?

You see, they know I have a pet-loving obsession. One day we’ll live in an upcycled barn and have acres for chickens and dogs, goats and whatever else. We’ve had a pig who did not stick to it’s promised teacup size-age and now roams in our friends’ yard. She’s half the length of a small truck.

We’ve had a bunny who “marked” me as the only female in our boy-infested cottage, literally peeing circles around my ankles anytime I walked in the backyard to trim roses for a bouquet. Tucker now lives with an adorable couple in Pasadena, with a woman who could barely contain her love, having been “raised with rabbits.”


Shoot, if I could, we’d welcome sheep. Maybe a tiny pony would be fun for after-dinner neighborhood rides. Ty asked if we could get a penguin and I had to ponder what it takes to build an acceptable habitat for them to survive. For now, we’ll table the penguin dream.

When Teddy came, in all his fierce two pound ball of ebony fur glory, we were aware of making sure Bruiser didn’t feel left out. Because my mom reminded us daily.

How’s Bruiser? I hope Bruiser is getting some love. It’s easy to be pushed to the side when an energetic pup comes and steals your nap schedule, Bruiser.

Suddenly our first animal, the dog Bry and I chose two years into marriage, seemed not so fun or cool. Tanner and Ty literally started imitating his and Teddy’s voices.

Tanner, as “old man Bruiser:” Ugh. I’m so old. I just wanna nap. Tell that darn puppy to settle down.

Ty’s high-pitched Teddy-mocking squeal: Wanna play? Huh? Let’s be friends (bite Bruiser’s tail) C’mon, let’s run around the backyard like crazy. Oh, look- Nerf bullets!




The puppy high is wearing off.

It’s been three months and Teddy’s eaten and pooped out lime green nerf bullets. He’s chewed socks, destroyed two dog beds, uprooted our garden strawberries, and peed on everything. He’s cute, and fun as all get-out, but when we took the dogs on a recent walk, I couldn’t help but notice Bruiser’s tried and true character. Yes, he sleeps 9/10 of the day. But he’s consistent. Easy. Always there. Dependable.

Bruiser reminds me of God. Isn’t He always present? Consistent? Tried and true?

Do you ever find yourself forgetting Him until needed? Gosh, I get distracted with new, shiny, energetic, cute additions like puppies. It’s anywhere, really. The newest this and coolest that.

I love it all, but I’m thinking I’m drawn toward constant in a world of latest and greatest.

And sometimes it takes a new puppy and an old dog to teach me a deeper lesson.

What or who are tried and true in your life? Celebrating those things and people alongside you today.

Even if in the form of dog bones.

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