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Bryan and I recently got away to the Central Coast where we spoke part of the time and played the rest. Holla! Friday night families gathered at the church to enjoy dinner together. Then the kids headed off in one direction, and us “old folk” got adult time. We had a blast sharing our hearts surrounding Simply Family, including our struggles and hopes for living abundantly in the midst of frantic schedules.

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Saturday morning, the ladies luncheon was packed with creatively designed tables and women rocking big hats. We’re talkin’ Kentucky Derby status. I may have been a tad envious of one gal’s peacock plumed set-up springin’ from her noggin’. She’s officially my new BFF.

Around the table I sat at, and connection occurred in organic, beautiful ways. One gal recently moved to the area from Northern CA and barely knew a soul. On the spot she was invited to join their mom-to-mom group, and the compassion and love shared in all faces was palpable. I nearly cried before I walked to the front to speak.

I shared about my Dark December. About how the enemy distracted with lies, where God intended to shine light. And love. And freedom.
I shared about how compassion is born – passionate and wild and strong- once emerging from a fearful season.
I shared about how God longs for us to celebrate our created selves so we can celebrate others from a space of confident overflow.
I shared about my heartbeat surrounding the YOU Matter mantra in hopes you will embrace it and pass on- fiery and wildfire bright.

I left in awe of a Jesus who delivers and delights and enjoys us, even when we’re in our lowest points. Because He doesn’t let us stay there. And that’s worth celebrating.

Enjoy a listen. If you connect with this message or know someone who may encouraged by it, please share.

Listen here: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  YOU Matter  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Now, off to find myself a big, ‘ol hat!

Unconditional love to you, my friend.


Bekah Jane


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