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Jess Hall

I’m welcoming and celebrating Jessica Hall, a Noonday Ambasssador, to the Pogue Cottage today. When I asked her, Why Noonday?, her passionate response bubbled out. Thanks, Jess for sharing your dreams and inviting us to be a part of supporting them. And just in time for Mama’s Day, right ladies?

One of my favorite words is dream. I love dreaming. I dreamt that someday I would be a wife and mom. I dreamed I would help others. I dreamed my life would be sketched in colorful shades of art, beauty, and creativity. I may have dreamed of a world where it’s socially acceptable to eat cheesecake or chocolate with every mean and magically not gain a pound. 

These dreams are now a reality for me. (Well, I regret to say that the last one has yet to come to fruition.) I have a wonderful husband & two beautifully imaginative girls, Stella (5) and Zoey (3). Over the course of my 41 year life (GASP!), I’ve had the privilege and blessing to be a part of youth missions trips to Mexico, teach English at a school of theology in Burundi, Africa for 10 months, teach in the field of Special Education, and be involved in children’s ministries at church. Whether it’s painting or coloring with my girls, being inspired by words, lyrics, and quotes that I read, or appreciating the beauty of a sunset, dance, and music (there are often dance parties in our living room), art and creativity are a part of my daily choreography.

Still, I dream of more.
More community with other women.
More opportunities and space to write and create.
More experiences to help impact and change lives.

Too often, I feel I’m not enough to do any of this.
Not enough to be a good wife and mom.
Not enough to be good at any career.
Not enough to be a good friend.
Not enough to make my dreams a reality.

This is how I feel, but these feelings are lies.

I am enough and God has created me to do good works. I am his poema. His masterpiece.

There are women all over the world feeling not enough. They are sad, abused, neglected, isolated, impoverished. They are devoid of community, dignity, and dreams because they have no space to dream. No margin for dreams because their reality is so far removed.

This is where Noonday Collection enters the scene. It’s an amazing company that provides jobs in 12 different countries to artisans who make uniquely gorgeous pieces of jewelry, hand bags, and accessories. Noonday Collection is founded on four pillars:”Together we’re building a flourishing world where children are cherished, women are empowered, people have jobs, and we are connected”.

Because of Noonday, women all over the world are able to feel like they are enough. This gift gives them the freedom and boldness to dream.

A Noonday artisan entrepreneur in Kampala, Uganda, said “I have the courage to dream big” .

I want to be a part of this beautiful sisterhood. And, I want to show my beautiful daughters what it looks like to be a part of it too.

Please dream BIG with me.

~ Jessica Hall, Noonday Ambassador

noonday train

To order a fabulous piece from Jess Hall or inquire about hosting a trunk show in the Orange County area, contact her at: www.jesshall.noondaycollection.com.

When you satisfy the needs of the oppressed, your night will become like the noonday. —-Isaiah 58:10




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