Trusting the Process

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Trust the Process. It’s my new motto.

Trusting the process means giving space for faith to root. To allow God to show up. To anticipate the next step however or whenever it appears. To live with curiosity. To embrace the unexpected. To be okay being uncomfortable. To welcome change. To grow when interrupted. To laugh, even through tears.

But the thing is, I fight the process daily. Cuz’ I want the process to trust me, instead of the other way around. I want to control the process whether in my kids, my marriage, relationships, work, or how I bake a cake. I want the process to read my mind and follow suit. But then I get anxious and yelly and weird, so instead, I’m releasing myself to Trust the Process.

Trusting the process leads to deep faith but it takes going through it – every messy, awkward, uncomfortable layer – to experience His heart. We are changed simply because we hold on. It means fighting to notice His presence even when we’re not sure how many more steps await. Trusting the process enjoys, appreciates, and accepts His time frame.

Trusting His process has freed me up to walk into real life moments wearing peace instead of control, joy instead of fear, and open-handedness at how He confetti’s the day’s events.

It’s comical, how, when I loosen my grip, God smiles through a real reminder at a restaurant.

Avid (okay we’re obsessed) breakfast fans, Bryan and I yelped a local hole-in-the-wall joint and shimmied into the front booth to order avocado omelets and dark coffee. Well, he ordered dark coffee. I ordered creamer with coffee on the side. Quaint and unfussy, we knew we’d discovered a gem. On our way out, a small sign hung by the door. I leaned in and felt that familiar leap in my chest, the Spirit’s gentle knock, reminding me He sees me and cares oh so deeply. For there, hanging by the OPEN sign was a smaller one written in detailed, bold font:

Trust the Process.

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