How to make the most of Moments

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I had both boys with me. It was dinnertime. They were hungry. I was hungry. I had to stop by the bank to withdraw cash and I was dreading it with a capital D. Because something about lines and waiting and growling stomachs makes them see red and suddenly they are bulls in a ring, kicking and breathing heavy and I’m like, Please stop pulling on the line divider just as Ty snaps it and sends it flying like an abandoned full fire hose, whipping a lady in line behind us, turning my face, the color of a fire engine. (Insert quick blinking emoji)

Ty, please get over I’m almost hissing. The sucker in his mouth falls out and wouldn’t you know it, he bends down, maintaining eye contact (you know this moment, right?) and picks the sucker off the ground and shoves it in his mouth. I have two children and I feel like sometimes I have a circus on my hands. And the line is inching along and I’m gritting teeth / clenching a smile at people in front and behind and suddenly my phone rings and Tanner answers it and now hello new friends, aren’t you glad you all get to Face Time with my spouse? 

Yet, I can’t move from my spot and Ty has seated himself at an empty office chair, all cozy and sweet, and I’m losing my mind over needing $200 cold hard cash to pay my hairdresser for making me blonde again. Sweet Jesus.

Do you love standing in bank lines as much as I do? Goody goody gumdrops.

There are about a trillion other ways I’d rather gobble up moments than taking my precious children inside the bank. Or anything having to do with the bank like depositing checks, paying bills, driving around to find an ATM. Please, I’d rather gouge my eyes out. Or take up running.

With free moments I’d rather:

Jot someone a just because letter and pop it in the mail.
Bake with my boys. (Licking and sampling required.)
Spend time worshipping on a nature walk.
Play with our new puppy in the front yard.
Create space for soul care.
Plan our next family trip.
Listen to a podcast.
Plant spring flowers by the walkway.
Help, serve, listen, love. However that looks.

Which is why I’m a huge fan of ECCU’s (Evangelical Christian Credit Union) Mobile App, where banking needs like paying bills, depositing checks, transferring money between accounts, and finding an ATM can be done in seconds. So I can give intentional moments where they matter (#ECCUMoments). And leave fun errands like waiting in line at the bank for when the boys are in school.

If you want to make the most of your moments, consider banking with ECCU. Because less time spent on banking offers more time to pursue what is life giving. Which includes paying my hairdresser via this nifty ECCU Mobile App next time I get my hair did.


ECCU is a member-owned financial cooperative that uses member deposits to fuel Christ-centered ministry around the world and invests profits back into social causes.

Twitter: @ECCU
Facebook: @EvangelicalChristianCreditUnion

*This post is sponsored by ECCU. All opinions are my own.

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