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Does your inner dialogue ever go something like, BUSY, BUSY. OH.MY. GOODNESS WHY IS LIFE SO INSANELY BUSY?!!! (Said in a whiny shouty voice, of course)

About two years ago I gave up referring to my life as busy. Busy, I thought hinted that somehow I was important, that my days were full and crowded because I was needed everywhere for everything, and in all honesty, I wasn’t. I’m not. Now I crave simple, not frantic. Schedules are no longer about rushing to fill but living with fullness. Loss gifts simplification. It births focus and trimming, and honors life-giving above all-consuming. So you can understand why I agreed to write a book review on Breaking Busy. Because I get a little passionate about all things slowing down, soul care, and pushing pause on busy.

Aaaaaaaaaand because

Alli Worthington is a rockstar communicator who shares about how to practically take a chill pill when the BUSY bug bites.

My favorite wisdom / inspiring/ I heart her nibbles: (Yes, I’m bullet-pointing this, because most likely you are BUSY, and I want to convey this in the most timely fashion possible. Fist bump.)

  • First off, her ringing bra story. If that’s not enough of a tease to buy her book, be gone with you.
  • Noticing busy habits begins with evaluating our individual capacity. “Stepping back to evaluate why we are doing what we are doing gives us insights into whether or not we need to keep doing them.”
  • Her vulnerability about “arriving” in the world’s standards with the perfect home, marriage, kids, etc. and how it came crashing down in a bankruptcy hole. “We were worshiping the false idols of success and money, and we had forgotten where our hope came from.” Cue Jesus.
  • A creative way to read God’s Word. Alli’s mentor taught her to read the Bible using the SPECKS method:
    Is there a…
    – Sin to avoid
    – Promise to claim?
    – Example to follow?
    – Command to obey?
    – Knowledge of God to acquire?
    – Summary for the day?”
  • Her reminder to invest in girlfriends, what I call the gals in my “nest” and her words ring true: “Keeping true connections in your life and not allowing negative people to drain you will help you break busy. Why? Because you will be spending your precious time on your most important relationships, those that fill you up instead of draining the life out of you.” A to the Men!
  • As a fellow library nerd/writer, I completely relate to her section, A Passion Awakened, where she discovers writing / blogging as fuel for a purpose. If it’s life-giving, it’s not busy for the sake of busy. Woot! “When my blogging reawakened that passion (keeping people well-informed), I was relentless in my desire to learn new things and share them with others… and got busy fulfilling a mission I felt called to.” Go Alli!
  • She offers powerful self-reflection points, and I’ve been simmering on this one: “Jesus was both busy and fruitful in his time on earth… We, on the other hand, are just busy with our busyness.” God, help me examine where I’m spending my time and how it’s making kingdom impact, not marks on my calendar.
  • How to decipher if you’re an Over communicator or Under communicator and grow in said area.
  • Emojis are the bomb. Use them in texting to avoid communication confusion. I can’t agree more with her.  (cue every fun emoji under the sun, specifically the champagne bottle and party emoji)
  • Busyness takes over when we struggle to define our worth. Her final chapter on Worth is a must read for every.single.woman, for it’s here we get to the root of busy-chasing. “Keeping us busy trying to prove our worth is the easiest way to keep us from the life God created us to live because it makes us think that our worth is based on what we do, instead of who God is.” Good stuff here, friends. Good stuff.


If you’re like me and crave peace in a world of rush, Breaking Busy just may be your new fave read. (Happy face emoji)

alliAlli Worthington is an author, speaker, blogger, and the Executive Director of Propel Women. Her goal is to help women live the life they were created to live. She lives outside Nashville with her husband, Mark, their five sons, and their rescued dog and cat, who moved onto their doorstep. You can connect with Alli at AlliWorthington.com.

*I have been compensated by Zondervan for my honest review of Breaking Busy.


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