Getting to the root, not the Symptom

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A few months ago our wi-fi started freaking out. Spotty. Unresponsive. How are we supposed to survive without access to the interweb, people? And all things good and holy like Netflix? We came to despise the small dashed lines making up the “thinking” circle going around and around in hopes of connection.

At certain points, I was convinced Bryan was going to chuck the computer or the modem. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we become reliant on something until it doesn’t work?

We called our Internet provider on six separate occasions and opened our door to three “we’ll be there between 8-2” technicians.

The first guy looked at our modem and told us that was the problem. So we got a new modem. Still spotty, inconsistent service.

The second technician came out, climbed into the attic, ran the speed, noted the modem and said, “Yea, your internet is super slow.” Hmmm. really? That’s why you’re here, Kind Internet Healer.
“I think you need to buy a new router,” he suggested. I wanted to throw the modem at him.

Technician #3 showed up and walked past the new modem and new router, ignored the attic and went straight to the back door. “Has anyone looked at your exterior Internet wires?” he asked pointing to black licorice ropes hanging above the potato-vined walls.

I looked up. “Nope.”

Off to his truck he went, then to the backyard, a ladder in his arms, where he hoisted it two stories high and examined the wires.

“Well here’s your problem. Your wires are frayed. That’s why you’re not getting the right power.”

You see where this is going? For months we were scratching our heads, cursing our computers and frustrated at the symptoms and here comes Joe Shmoe Internet Rockstar and looks at the root of the problem.

Got me thinking about how easy it is to focus on the symptoms, instead of the heart of the matter.

Symptoms, I mean, I can see them. Oftentimes they are blatantly obvious, but the root. The root takes digging, looking, asking, waiting, peering outside of the literal box and choosing to walk into some of the ick that sits in the middle of tension and solving.

I’m thinking I want to live into the heart of the matter.
To peer through the problem and understand the root. The hurt. The perspective. The lesson. The beauty. The words. The relationship.

I’m thinking this is where light shines the brightest. From within. From a rooted source.

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  1. such a beautiful truth treasure buried in one of the most frustrating common instances of the day to day. Thank goodness its fixed! Thanks for the shining reminder and how you invite us to always look for Him.

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