Happy YOU Day!

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Today marks my mid-30’s so I’m thinking it’s just upward from here, yes?

Birthdays get me thinking about celebratin’ which gets me thinkin’ about how the best gifts are the people I get to celebrate with. Which got me thinking about YOU ‘cuz I know you’re out there, and whether you’re a real life friend, or one I know via cyber webbage (new word), whether I get to hug you in person, or you’re a ghost reader who hopefully enjoys visiting this space and feels more known and loved afterwards, YOU are absolutely worthy of celebratin’.

And because it’s my birthday and I CAN DO WHAT I WANT, I’m re-sharing this letter I penned myself last January. I was coming out of a very dark December, a fearful season BUT God. He redeemed it with truth and community and a gentle smattering of unconditional love reminders throughout the rest of the year. THIS (halle-freakin’-lujah) January is altogether different – it’s one of hope and expectancy and confident trust, and even so, my heartbeat remains the same: We ALL need to be celebrated.

We need to be celebrated when we’re laughing.
When we’re on the ground in tears.
We need to be celebrated when faith feels breezy and carefree
as well as when it’s disappointing and raw.
We need to be celebrated when we’re rocking it and when we just can’t get it together.
When we’re doing the daily grind or feeling alive or feeling exhausted or feeling nothing at all.
Being celebrated should know no gender or job or zip code. It should come humbly and often and whisper in confident waves, “You are celebrated because you ARE.”

Enjoy this birthday letter here: Dear Birthday Girl.

Print it out. Share it. Write your name in bold lipstick at the top and read it when you need a reminder that no amount of work, or kind words, or doing the right thing makes you worthy of celebrating. I’m celebrating you because you are human. Because you are no doubt doing the best you can with what today holds. And we can all use a break, some grace, and company who enjoy us for simply breathing, amen?

Happy YOU Day! Now bring on the cake!


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