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Happy Saturday, Friend.

I hope you’re rolling out of a warm bed to the smell of coffee brewing and a beautiful day ahead.

Last night our church put on a creative gathering called Twas the Night, where pajama-clad families came to enjoy cookies and milk, sing carols, and listen to The Grinch read his story aloud. At the end, everyone stood – mamas holding babes and dads donned in plaid pj bottoms – wrapping arms around one another as we sang Silent Night when the sweetest, most unexpected thing happened.

One by one, kids walked up around the stage and sat, scooting close to make room for the next child, until the entire perimeter was adorned with boys and girls singing,

Silent Night, Holy Night, All is Calm, All is Bright.

It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t directed. It was as if the children were drawn toward the music at the front of the room and wanted to be as close as possible. We adults looked on in stillness and it was almost this palpable inhale, our voices singing in unison.

Christ the Savior is born, Christ the Savior is born.

Afterwards, Bryan stayed to clean up, and being late, I had intentions to get the boys home to bed. But the Silent Night mood glowed and instead, we drove through Chik- Fil-A for peppermint shakes, turned up the heater to match the volume of Christmas music, and scooted up and down neighborhoods oohing and ahhing at lights. From the back, Tanner quietly exhaled at a home shining in pure white. “It’s beautiful.”

There’s nothing quite like hearing a sweaty, football-loving boy whisper that word in an unfiltered moment. Minutes ticked by and there was nowhere I wanted to be more than soaking up the twinkling of lights and believing alongside my boys that All is Calm, All is Bright.

Wishing those moments for you and your family this weekend.

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Dirty Chai Cheers and Happy Weekend Light Admiring. Take in the stillness and remember All is Bright.


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